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Gift Guide: Rest and Relaxation

2020 has been a crazy year, and we're all in need of some rest, relaxation and self care! Here are some of our favourite products to help soothe the body and mind, which will make perfect gifts this festive season!


Tisserand Lavender warming body wrap- £19.39

This cosy wrap is infused with 100% pure lavender essential oil, and when heated instantly soothes aching muscles and relaxes the mind. Perfect for these chilly evenings! The wrap can also be chilled to use as a cold compress.


Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening Serum-£44.99

If you're after a little luxury, this serum is a beautiful addition to any skincare regime. Certified organic, it includes a blend of New Zealand antioxidant-rich ingredients which leave skin glowing!


Soakin Himalayan Salt- £3.99

Baths are the perfect place to relax, and soaking in himalayan salt baths results in detoxed, cleansed and soft skin. What's not to love?


Herbfarmacy Chamomile Cleanser- £12.00

This gorgeously soft cleanser is perfect for washing the day away. A gentle organic cream, filled with chamomile and calendula, this is soothing, anti-inflammatory and great for healing irritated or sensitive skin. 

Tisserand Sleep Better Pillow Mist- £12.75

One of our favourite products! This dreamy mist of 100% natural pure essential oils includes lavender, jasmine and sandlewood and will have you snoozing in no time. Zzzzz. 

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The Power of Essential Oils

The Power of Essential Oils

Aromatherapy (also known as essential oil therapy) is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. Using aromatic essential oils, aromatherapy can be used to improve the health of the body, mind and even spirit. The practice of using plants and herbs medicinally dates back to prehistoric times where, evidence shows, Juniper berries were used for their antiseptic properties. These days much research has been carried out into the use of essential oils, both medicinally and for therapy, and there is now great evidence of the benefits.  We’ve handpicked some of our favourite and most popular essential oils and outlined the many benefits they can have.

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