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Meet the Makers: Surya Luna

Surya Luna is an all natural skin, hair and body care brand produced right here in Aberdeen. We caught up with Eileen, founder of Surya Luna to chat about Christmas, her inspiration and whats next 2020. 

Tell us a bit about yourself...

As well as creating Surya Luna Naturals, I’m also a primary school teacher, yoga teacher and trained in aromatherapy and massage therapies. What unites all these different aspects of my work is the desire to help people create balance in their lives, to learn to relax and destress and live in harmony with the Earth.  That’s where the inspiration for the name of the company came from. Surya Luna means sun and moon, in Sanskrit and Latin: East and West, work and rest, movement and stillness, ourselves and our world - finding balance. 

Describe Surya Luna in 3 words...

Plant-powered, cruelty-free, eco-friendly

How do you keep things fresh when creating new scents?

I work with essential oils - for their amazing natural scents and their benefits for body and mind. Individually they smell great but I love blending them to combine benefits and create nuanced fragrances. It’s one of my favourite parts of the job. I’m always experimenting or coming across new scent combinations when researching for new products. 

What is the ultimate skin nourishing ingredient?

Rosehip oil - it has amazing properties for both skin and hair, providing exceptional moisture, protection again the elements, as well as being packed full of nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids. Always buy the best quality oils you can afford and preferably organic to ensure purity. 

Which product is your top Christmas gift pick?

I love our four limited edition Christmas soaps. They are individually hand poured so each bar looks different to the next and you get something that is unique! 

What’s next for 2020?

We have a number of new products that we are currently trialing and perfecting, including natural clay face masks, dry shampoos and some beautiful relaxing bath salts. 

Check out Surya Luna's range in-store and online.