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Plastic Free Packaging

You’ve no doubt seen the headlines; more plastic in the sea than fish by 2030, and other scary calls to action everywhere recently. You’ve probably also seen the contradicting arguments surrounding plastic alternatives such as bamboo and veg-ware- can we ever win?

We decided to cut our plastic waste in the hope that our actions can make a difference and inspire you to follow suit. We’re not just talking turning down the questionably large number of straws that come in your martini, we want to go further. You might have noticed the shop stocking a wider variety of plastic-free products recently, but these efforts seemed to be going to waste when our own bag products were wrapped up in a not-so eco-friendly layer of plastic.

You could spend hours reading about the pros and cons of each plastic alternative but thankfully you don’t have to- we’ve already done that for you meaning you can shop in confidence knowing you’re not harming the environment! We did our research and finally found NaturFlex, compostable bags developed by Futamura. So, why NaturFlex?

  • Unlike many plastic alternatives which claim to be ‘compostable’ NaturFlex doesn’t require industrial composting- you can do it yourself at home, all you need to do is put your used bags in the food waste bin. Simple!
  • NaturFlex is made of wood pulp, a sustainable material with low impact cultivation meaning minimal use of herbicides, insecticides and fertilisers
  • Futamura focus strongly on CSR and their company values of sustainability and renewability, this is proven by their transparency and peer reviews carried out by ThinkStep

So, grab your canvas bag, come down and stock up- guilt free!