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Form Nutrition Protein Powders

Form Nutrition Protein Powders

The two questions we’re asked most about Form protein are ‘what is the formulation?’ and ‘how did you you make it taste so good?!’

To answer the first question, the main consideration in formulating the Form protein blend was that in formulating a protein blend there are two main concerns – one is delivering a complete range of amino acids, or complete protein, and the other is blending to ensure good mixability and mouth feel. We took over a year to select the right blend of vegan proteins to deliver a complete protein and something that feels right in the mouth; like real food without being too grainy and not all thin and artificial or processed. In the end it was our own Form protein blend of organic pea protein along with rice, hemp and AlgaVia protein that delivered both a complete protein and something that had a great mouthfeel.

In terms of the flavouring of the Form proteins, this is more of an art and to be honest, our most closely guarded secret. Our goal was to create plant based proteins that tasted great with just water, it took us a long time and a great deal of energy but ultimately we got there and Form protein is the result of a lot of work balancing both the flavours of each individual ingredient, each protein and then each natural flavouring.

Our most popular flavour is Superblend in Chocolate Salted Caramel, closely followed by Performance in Chocolate Peanut.

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