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CBD - worth the hype?

CBD - worth the hype?

The word cannabinoid might trigger all sorts of thoughts in your head but there’s a new legal cannabis derivative causing a stir, and it comes with some pretty big claims! CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating substance found in cannabis plants, however, in recent years it’s been almost banished from most recreational forms of marijuana, in favour of higher levels of THC; the psychoactive compound. Research suggests the benefits of CBD oil could improve epilepsy, chronic pain and even cancer.

So, where does CBD oil come from? It might surprise you to know that both hemp and marijuana come from the same plant; Cannabis sativa, but the two are of course very different. As the marijuana growers favored other compounds over CBD, most Cannabidiol oils are derived from hemp plants which farmers have rarely modified over the years.

What benefits can CBD have for you? CBD oil has become very popular with those suffering for chronic pain, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression, alongside many other chronic diseases and illnesses, including cancer. Although long term research is yet to be carried out, the side effects of CBD oil seem to be minimal and rare. These include mild fatigue, dry mouth and lightheadedness. CBD oil is also great for promoting good moods and just improving all round health!

We currently stock both spray and tablet form CBD in 300mg-1000mg strength. We recommend starting at as low a dosage as possible to prevent building a tolerance and lessening the benefits. We supply CBD from both Love CBD and KIKI Health.
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